Which is better for fixed hydraulic boarding bridges and airbag type boarding bridges?

In the market, you can see the boarding bridge everywhere, especially in some large warehouse logistics parks. Nowadays, enterprises are increasingly using the boarding bridge in daily loading and unloading of goods. Which is better for a fixed hydraulic landing bridge and a bag-type boarding bridge? It may not be good for non-professionals to understand the two major products. Today, Sanneng Xiaobian will explain to you:

The fixed hydraulic docking bridge is a loading and unloading device that uses the external power supply and utilizes the hydraulic system lifting principle to flexibly connect the cargo platform (warehouse) with the trucks of different heights. According to different heights of the carriage, the height of the height adjustment plate can be arbitrarily adjusted to achieve a smooth connection between the boarding bridge and the carriage. Then, the forklift or the truck can smoothly enter and exit the compartment through the hydraulic boarding bridge for loading and unloading. operation.

The airbag type boarding bridge belongs to the type of boarding bridge, and its function is the same as the above. Its biggest feature is that it can adapt to and operate in some special environments, and can be widely used in medicine, chemical industry, electronics, etc. In this case, the airbag-type boarding bridge requires little repair and maintenance and is rarely faulty compared to a fixed hydraulic landing bridge.

At present, there are many manufacturers and quality of the boarding bridges on the market. The types are roughly divided into: hydraulic type boarding bridges, airbag type boarding bridges, mechanical boarding bridges or platform type boarding bridges (manual type). Boarding bridges; currently widely used are hydraulic landing bridges, airbag-type boarding bridges, both of which can be electrically operated, simple to operate, and highly adjustable, greatly improving cargo handling efficiency and saving human resources.