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Shenzhen Sanneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 2002 with an annual production capacity of 200 million yuan. It is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production, sales, installation and maintenance of various warehousing, logistics and equipment such as lifting, lifting, loading and unloading

The main products currently developed include various types of automobile tail plates, lifting platforms (lifts), hydraulic boarding bridges (height adjustment boards), airbag type boarding bridges (regulating boards), aerial work platforms, mobile lifting platforms, and wingspans. (flying wing) compartments, electro-hydraulic legs, etc.

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The lifting platform is widely used in high-altitude operations in factories, construction sites, hotels, buildings, airports, stations, stadiums, workshops, warehouses, docks, etc. It can also be used as temporary high-altitude lighting, advertising and other work. While bringing convenience to everyone, it also greatly improves work efficiency. The normal operation of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform is a major indicator of its good technical condition. It is the heart of the elevator. How to properly maintain the cylinder? Sanneng Xiaobian popularizes for everyone: 1、 the choice of hydraulic oil If the hydraulic oil is used improperly, it will affect the early failure and durability of the hydraulic system. Therefore, when adding or replacing hydraulic oil, you need to operate the specified instruction manual to purchase the specified hydraulic oil. 2、how to add hydraulic oil When adding hydraulic oil, it is necessary to do the filtration work. The clean hydraulic oil is the key to the normal operation of the…

The lift (lifting platform) is a multifunctional lifting and unloading mechanical device that transports people or objects vertically. It can be divided into fixed and mobile according to the moving mode. The mobile type is divided into a straight arm type, a crank arm type, a scissor type, a mast type, a sleeve type, an aluminum alloy lifting platform; a fixed type of scissor type, a rail type, a chain type lifting platform, and the like. Lifts (lifting platforms) have been widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations; their free-lifting features have been widely used in municipal maintenance, docks, shopping malls, logistics center cargo transportation, excellent breeding venues, residential properties, factory workshops, building decoration, etc. A wide range of aerial work. The lifting platform has the characteristics of light weight, self-propelled, electric starting, self-supporting legs, simple operation and large working surface. The following three can edit the knowledge of the lifting platform for everyone: 1, fixed The fixed lifting…


The straight-top lifting platform, also called the rail-type lifting platform (referred to as the “lifting machine”), is a simple lifting machine for vertical lifting operations (also called lifting freight elevator). It is used for vertical transportation of goods between floors, and is directly fixed on both sides of the carrying platform. The hydraulic cylinder vertically lifts the full hydraulic lift. The hydraulic cylinder is lifted up, and after being lifted to the target height, the limit switch is automatically flush with the floor. Due to the characteristics of the force-receiving structure of the straight-top lifting platform, its life is far greater than that of the traditional lifting platform. The straight-top lifting machine is widely used in places with heavy load and high frequency of use, such as warehouses, factories, shopping malls, etc. The loading and unloading efficiency brought by the straight top lifting platform is obvious. Due to the high frequency of use, there will be some problems in daily…


The boarding bridge is mainly divided into fixed boarding bridge and mobile boarding bridge. According to the place of use and requirements, the fixed boarding bridge is divided into hydraulic boarding bridge, airbag type boarding bridge and mechanical boarding. bridge. The fixed boarding bridge is equipped with hydraulic equipment and integral products in a fixed position to realize cargo transportation, high frequency of use and heavy bearing pressure. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, platforms, terminals or ports for quick loading and unloading of goods, and can be directly loaded by forklifts. Loading and unloading. Let’s take a look at the installation steps of the fixed docking bridge: 1. Digging pits (ground troughs): Digging pits are used to fix the boarding bridge (lifting platform) and give the boarding bridge (lifting platform) a place to be placed. The length, width and height of the pit are determined by the length, width and height of the boarding bridge or the non-standard…


The straight-track lifting platform is a simple lifting freight elevator for vertical lifting operation. After the hydraulic cylinder is lifted to the target height, it is automatically leveled with the floor through the limit switch. It is mainly used for cargo transfer between industrial buildings, restaurants and restaurants on the first to second or third floors. It is suitable for workplaces where pits cannot be excavated, and does not require upper lifting points, and is diversified in form (single column, double column, Four columns), the equipment runs smoothly. The guide rails of the rail-type elevators are generally made of channel steel, I-beam and square tube welding. The operation is simple and reliable, and the cargo transmission is economical and convenient. The following is a brief explanation of the maintenance and maintenance of the straight top rail lifting platform in daily operation: 1. After each operation, the straight-top rail lifting platform should cut off the power supply after the lifting platform…