Company Culture

Employees must pursue the spirit of craftsmanship, and products must pursue precision production! The life of the product must be durable for a hundred years! If you can achieve this goal, Sanneng is the three energy that can truly benefit mankind!

Our mission

Continue to work hard to provide customers with the highest quality hydraulic intelligent machines!

Our Vision

Building into a domestic first-class hydraulic intelligent machine factory

Our Value

High quality, responsible, efficient, and team

Business philosophy

Everything is for the customer service, everything is only for the quality, everything is only for the world

Corporate purposes

Quality/price/innovation is our three swords in the offensive market. It is the sap of our customers, the missile/carrier/nuclear power we conquer the world!

Employing concept

There are talents and talents, and they are used again.

Management philosophy

Avoid human rule, use the rule of law, constantly revise and improve the company's various systems/processes, and all management must be institutionalized/formed/processed.

Sanneng slogan

Ingenuity, excellence, and product excellence.