Chain rail lifting platform should pay attention to the operation

The rail chain type lifting platform, also known as the rail chain type lifting freight elevator, is a non-cutting fork type vertical transportation device. It is often used in the loading and unloading of goods such as loading and unloading goods from the first floor to the third floor, loading and unloading of goods in the warehouse, loading and unloading of goods in the attic of the building, and loading of goods on the production line. Because it is cheaper, stronger, safer and larger than ordinary freight elevators, it is the first equipment to replace ordinary freight elevators and has become the preferred product. Then, in order to better use the chain track lifting platform, prolong the service life and reduce the hazard, what problems should we pay attention to in daily operation? Now let me explain it to you by Sanneng Xiaobian!

1、It is forbidden to be overweight. Each product has its own maximum load capacity, and exceeding the maximum load capacity can easily cause serious equipment failure. The same is true for the load-bearing type of the chain-type rail lifting platform, which often exceeds its load-bearing limit, and the overload operation will severely wear the parts, thus greatly shortening the service life.

2、It is forbidden to stop the goods on the lifting platform without stopping. When a machine does not stop working and is not in a stable state, we should not easily approach it. This is because it is safe to protect itself. This is the same reason that you should not get off when the car is not stopped.

3、It is forbidden to pull the goods out when the chain rail lifting platform is working. When the platform is pulled out during the operation of the platform, it is easy to cause the lifting platform to work unevenly, causing the goods to fall, thereby injuring the personnel.

4、It is strictly forbidden to operate the platform when the platform is in the failure stage. When the platform fails, we should promptly report for repairs and set up signs in a conspicuous position to inform the personnel that the equipment cannot be used; operating the platform during the failure phase will not only cause the platform to be damaged for the second time, but also easily endanger personal safety.

5、In the initial stage of the initial operation of the new equipment, at this stage, special attention should be paid to the usual maintenance work, such as cleaning, adjustment, fastener fixing, anti-corrosion, etc. At the same time, equipment inspection should be done well.