What is the unloading platform? Is the hydraulic unloading platform a boarding bridge?

product description:

The loading and unloading platform is also called the boarding bridge or height adjustment plate, which is a loading and unloading operation platform for enterprises to quickly and safely turn products and goods. On an operating platform that does not install any equipment to load and unload cargo, the height of the platform and the carriage will often be the same, resulting in the forklift truck cannot directly enter and exit the carriage to directly load and unload the cargo, thereby increasing labor and risk. The height of the front end of the unloading platform of the fixed boarding bridge can be adjusted according to the height of the car, and the lip plate (also called “board”) is always closely attached to the car. By using a boarding bridge or height adjustment plate to build a bridge between the truck or the cargo bed and the carriage, the forklift can safely and quickly enter and exit the truck carriage for loading and unloading operations, thereby greatly improving work efficiency and obtaining greater economic benefits .

Product use range:

The unloading platform is mainly used in warehouses, factories, docks, logistics parks, industrial parks, cargo platforms and other occasions to speed up the flow rate of cargo loading and unloading.

Product advantages:

It is safe, fast, stable, simple to operate, and reliable to operate. At the same time, it greatly reduces labor and greatly improves work efficiency, so that enterprises can obtain greater economic benefits.

product manual

The unloading platform (also called fixed unloading platform or fixed boarding bridge) has a conventional load of 6000kg-15000kg and a conventional lifting range of -300mm~+300mm. The unloading platform is usually green or blue (color can be customized according to customer needs). If the customer has special needs, non-standard customization can also be carried out (for specific requirements, please call us).