1 ton small tailgate

  • Model: 3NWB-10SC12/24
  • Bearing weight: 1000kg
  • Material: 钢

Sanneng brand tailgate is a cantilever type loading and unloading device. It is installed in the tail of trucks and various closed vehicles. It is a lifting platform weighing about 300 to 600 kilograms. It is a hydraulic lifting handling equipment powered by vehicle battery. It has all the functions of loading and unloading of the forklift truck, and all the tail plates on the forklift are equipped with motors, valve blocks, high pressure pumps, cylinders, lifting devices, control switches and so on. The installation of the three-energy tailgate can greatly improve the transportation and loading and unloading efficiency. The three-energy tailgate is one of the necessary equipment for modern logistics transportation.

Greatly improve the loading and unloading efficiency. An 8 ton car is full of goods. If it is handled by manpower, it takes 5-8 hours. If the three-tail plate is used, it only takes half an hour, and the personnel should save 80%, and the salaries saved. You can buy a tailgate in half a year.


Tail plate features:

1. The hydraulic cylinders are all made of nickel-plated pistons and dust-proof rubber sleeves.

2. The hydraulic station has built-in flow control valve to adjust the lifting and turning speed.

3. Built-in three-way protection switch can effectively avoid the burning of the circuit or motor when the vehicle circuit is short-circuited, the battery voltage is low or the current is too large, and the tail plate is overloaded.

4. The explosion-proof safety valve can be built in the hydraulic cylinder according to the customer’s requirements, which can prevent the tailgate and cargo damage caused by the bursting of the oil pipe.

5. All the anti-collision bars are separated from the tailgate and the tailgate of the car to avoid damage caused by long-term collision of the tailgate of the car.

6. All cylinders of the three-energy tailgate are made of thickened cylinders. The cylinders are strong and durable, so there is no need to install a hanging bumper at the bottom of the tailgate to protect the cylinders.

7. A safety protection system is arranged in the circuit, and the circuit is automatically cut off when the tailgate rises to be flush with the carriage.


Basic parameters of the tailgate:

Lifting weight: 300KG/500KG/1000KG

Falling speed: 0.07 m / sec

Rising speed: 0.07 m / sec

Tilt angle: Up to 118 degrees from the vertical direction.

Voltage: 12V/24V/48V/72V/220V/380V

Power source: The battery capacity of the car should not be less than 160AH (hourly)

System pressure: 10Mpa/12Mpa/16Mpa/18Mpa/22Mpa

Motor power: 800W/1200W/1500W

Serial number Board material Arm length Arm width model Main size (height * width) Bearing weight
1 Manganese steel Short arm Narrow arm / wide arm 3NWB-10SC12/24 1700*1800 10000KG
2 Manganese steel Short arm Narrow arm / wide arm 1800*1900 10000KG
3 Manganese steel Short arm Narrow arm / wide arm 1800*2000 10000KG
4 Manganese steel Short arm Narrow arm / wide arm 1800*2060 10000KG
5 Manganese steel Short arm Narrow arm / wide arm 1800*2130 10000KG