Double-twist aluminum alloy work platform

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Product Description:

1. The mast aerial work platform adopts the form of two sets of masts at the same time, and the stability of the ascending and descending is stronger. The material of the mast is made of high-strength aviation aluminum to ensure the absolute safety of the operators.

2. The self-developed integral built-in slider between each mast makes the dynamic gap between the masts minimize, and the running is more stable and reliable during lifting, which is far superior to the ordinary independent guide wheel support structure;

3. The site uses a four-wheeled rolling chassis, which can be easily walked even in corners and narrow and multi-barrier areas.

4. The guardrail is installed by lifting and lowering, and there is a sliding bar between the guardrails to facilitate the staff to get up and down.

5. With a level on the chassis, it is easy to ensure that the machine is in a horizontal position. The suction-type leveling legs and the level indicator always provide a solid and stable ground support for the platform, even on a slightly uneven ground;