Manual height adjustment plate

  • Model: 6T-15T
  • Bearing weight: 6000kg-15000kg
  • Material: Steel

The manual height adjustment plate is a simplified adjustment plate that can adjust the height difference between the platform and the car, and smoothly connect the car and the platform to make the goods smoothly transition from the warehouse to the car. Simple manual boarding bridge Also known as a simple height adjustment board, it is inexpensive to manufacture, simple to operate, no power loss, and can work when there is no electricity.

Its model has 6T, 10T, 15T by tonnage;

66 inches by width (width 1680mm), 72 inches (width 1830mm), 78 inches (width 1980mm)

serial number Product category Flap material Model Load (kg) Platform size (mm) lip width (mm) Travel (mm) Motor power (kw) Remarks
1 Manual Height Adjustment Board steel plate GTS06-0.31 6000
1680W×400L 400 -130 180 310 No motor Adjustable range: +180/-130mm
2 steel plate GTS10-0.31 1830W×400L 400 -130 180 310 No motor Adjustable range: +180/-130mm
3 steel plate GTS15-0.31 1980W×400L 400 -130 180 310 No motor Adjustable range: +180/-130mm