Single beam open wing

  • Model: Custom made
  • Bearing weight:
  • Material: Steel

Sanneng Electromechanical Flying Wing Car Wing Exhibition Car

What is a wing show car and its hydraulic lifting system?

Sanneng brand wings show car, also known as flying wing car, has several types of single-wing car, double-wing car, towing open-wing car, etc. It is a wing-opening van transport vehicle, which is an improvement of ordinary vans; The device and the hydraulic device can open special vehicles for the wing panels on both sides of the compartment and the double rear doors. The roof and front panel rear door structure of the vehicle is the same as the iron tile box car, and the side is composed of a flip board, an upper side board and a lower side board. Because of its fast loading and unloading speed, high efficiency, and the ability to unload goods from the side, it is already a popular transportation tool for modern logistics companies! It has become the best choice for large-scale logistics companies. In recent years, a large number of lightweight new materials have been applied to the wingspan series, which has reduced the weight of the carriages. In addition, the design of the carriages is beautiful and the cargo transportation is safe and reliable. In the high-end logistics transportation market, it is bound to expand itself. a vast world.

Shenzhen Sanneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. provides senior experts in wing-type van design. We can design a wing-wing car that satisfies customers according to customer requirements, and provide relevant hydraulic lifting systems for each wing-wing car manufacturer, including oil cylinders and oil pipes. , power unit, electrical control system, couplings, etc.

Main features of Sanneng Flying Wing:

Wing-opening van body rectangular square tube frame structure, aluminum profile frame, exterior aluminum corrugated board, interior galvanized flat plate, outer top galvanized flat plate, (optional iron corrugated material) with waterproof groove, bottom plate adopts 3 thick textured non-slip steel plates, non-slip, beautiful and durable, with a horizontal ring to prevent the goods from shaking around. Double-winged hydraulically-opened compartments on the left and right sides, and optional movable fences at the lower end of the car. The electro-hydraulic integrated lifting device power unit, 4 hydraulic cylinders, and the two sides are independently lifted and work without affecting each other. The lifting and stability is stable, and the wing-wing vehicle wing panels are freely displayed, making the wing-wing van transportation more efficient and convenient.

Three-powered flying wing car performance introduction:

The principle of the flying wing car is to lift the hydraulic system through the power unit through the discharge of the battery to achieve the lifting effect. Lifting height can exceed the cabin, approaching a 90 degree angle. The frame structure of the car body is welded by high-strength steel profiles, and the side plates and door panels are made of special aluminum alloy profiles. The two wing side panels can be raised and lowered, and can be stacked on the top plate at the maximum, so that the two sides are completely open, which greatly facilitates loading and unloading of goods, and the double back door can also be opened 270 degrees. The vehicle has unique design, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. All kinds of performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products, and have the advantages of rainproof, dustproof, sunscreen, anti-theft and corrosion resistance. The car can be used for the transportation and distribution of auto parts, paper, home appliances, clothing, chemicals, beverages, food, electronics and other items. The car has good sealing performance and is suitable for quick loading and unloading of machinery, high speed, high efficiency, time saving, labor saving and cost saving.